Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure


Title: Library Mouse: A Museum Adventure

Author: Daniel Kirk

Pages: 26

Summary: Sam, the library mouse and his friend Sarah set off with journals for an adventure in the nearby museum. In addition to statues from Ancient Greece and mummies from Egypt, they discover dinosaur bones and paintings, and meet a mole and an artist mouse who draws them.

Accompanying Discussion: Discuss how visiting a museum is a way to learn how other people lived and worked. Talk about what tools they used, and what kinds of houses they had, machines they built, etc. Ask what one can learn from looking at a dinosaur, a mummy, or a painting in a museum. Ask students if they have ever been to a museum and what they remember from their visit.

Accompanying Activities: Ask students to draw something that Sam and Sarah saw in the museum or to draw something that they have seen in a museum they have visited or want to visit. There are tons of great activities including coloring pages and bookmarks on Daniel Kirk’s website!

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