Strega Nona Does It Again


Title: Strega Nona Does It Again


Author: Tomie de Paola


Pages: 38

Summary(from Angelina is so beautiful that all the young men in the village are chasing her, but the one she has eyes for doesn’t know she exists. At his wits’ end, her father sends her to his dear cousin Strega Nona. Strega Nona, Big Anthony and Bambolona are excited to have a houseguest, but they’re in for a surprise. Angelina is a spoiled young lady used to being boss, and before they know it, Big Anthony is her new footman and Bambolona is her maid. Her nonstop demands have the whole household in a tizzy. It’s up to Strega Nona to devise a plan that will make “everyone” happy including two comically vain young lovers.

Accompanying Questions: How did Angelina treat her cousins when she came to visit? What does the text tell us that she did to make them annoyed? Why did Hugo like to look at himself in the mirror? Do you think he was like Angelina? How so?  Would you have solved the problem of Angelina’s selfishness differently? What would you have done?

Accompanying Activities: Color and draw on this coloring/activity page.


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