Thank you, Mr. Falker


Title: Thank you, Mr. Falker


Author: Patricia Polocco


Pages: 40

Summary(from publisher): When Trisha starts school, she can’t wait to learn how to read, but the letters just get jumbled up. She hates being different, and begins to believe her classmates when they call her a dummy. Then, in fifth grade, Mr. Falker changes everything. He sees through her sadness to the gifted artist she really is. And when he discovers that she can’t read, he helps her prove to herself that she can – and will!

Accompanying Discussion: Ask students to discuss someone in their lives who has really helped them. Ask them about a time that they have helped someone else who was struggling with something. Name the many ways to be a good friend to someone who is having a hard time at school.

Accompanying Activities: Ask students to draw or write about something they once struggled to learn and now have mastered. Here is a great coloring page from the book!

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