The Other Side


Title: The Other Side


Author: Jacqueline Woodson


Pages: 32

Summary(from publisher): Clover’s mom says it isn’t safe to cross the fence that segregates their African-American side of town from the white side where Anna lives. But the two girls strike up a friendship, and get around the grown-ups’ rules by sitting on top of the fence together.

Accompanying Discussion: Ask students to think about being friends with someone that is different than them (gender, age, religion, culture, ethnicity, etc.). Discuss what the fence represents, and what the author’s intended message was in this story.

Accompanying Activities: Give children 3 cut rectangles, one long and two short, to glue as a fence and ask them to draw themselves sitting on the fence with someone they like who is a little different than them. There are some good activities for older students here.

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